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University of British Columbia Scholarship and Award

University of British Columbia Scholarship and Award

If you want to make a decision to study abroad and you would like to study in one of the best universities in the world than the University of British Columbia can be best for you. Tory established the University of British Columbia in 1908 for all students.  This university has various nations of students including home students about 9,000, graduate students 10,000 and undergraduate students 50,000. At present, the University of British Columbia announced the scholarship for international students for the academic year 2019, which soon begins in the northern hemisphere. For the seventh successive year, this University reached the best place. The UBC University British Columbia program opens its fellowship program for doctoral studies each year. Learn more details about the scholarship and award in this article. The main objective is to contribute and support to the academic formation of students of any nationality so that they make stronger their knowledge.


UBC University Scholarships and awards

International students, interested in completing their Ph.D. studies at said university, in one of the programs they offer. In addition, UBC proposes to make stronger the research area through different projects where students can extend knowledge theoretically. The students can select study areas, which are variable for each year. It depends on the academic programs that UBC University British Columbia has open.This is a great opportunity for students to live a very interesting cultural when interacting with people from different countries. Throughout the classes and investigations, the participants will have the stable support of expert tutors in the topics to deepen.

All this academic procedure will be of great significance for the students in their professional participation development. UCB identify brilliant student’s academic success from around the world. Every year this university is offering more than 4 million Canadian dollars for scholarships, prizes, and other forms of economic support for Bangladeshi and international students. The major Awards are President’s access Scholarships, Outstanding International Students Award, International Student Humanitarian Award, and International Leader of Tomorrow Award.



At the present University of British, Columbia Scholarship is going on for the Bangladeshi and international students according to academic merit. International and Bangladeshi students required to follow the undergraduate program for the UBC awards. The international Leader winners of future awards will provide according to student’s economic requirements as determined through the costs of students accommodation costs, financial contribution and tuition fees. As for the average assessment, Students, and families, financial information requires to select the Scholarship.  English is the major language for the teaching in UBC. All approaching students have to express a minimum best level of English before getting admission.


How a Bangladeshi or international student can apply in the University of British Columbia for the award:

For an OIS Award student has to carry the following qualifications:

  • To be an international student you have to make a Canadian student visa.
  • Show outstanding academic achievement and strong additional participation
  • Must be a new student at UBC with high school or post-secondary qualification
  • Students need to apply to UBC before January 15
  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award: To get the International Leader of Tomorrow Award, the candidate must
  • Register in a UBC undergraduate program at a university or high school
  • Apply for a first university degree
  • Contain and brilliant academic record minimum “A” Grade or equivalent
  • Be qualified for the first university degree and fulfillment with the UBC English language admission regulation
  • Show a level of financial requirements to stop you from getting a UBC qualification


Requirement for Admission:

  • Entrance requirement: applicants have to contain an earlier degree.
  • English language necessity: Every probable student has to express a minimum level of English. Since English is the major language in the UBC instruction.
  • Test requirement: no

The students of the University of British Columbia are one of the best students in the world because it is an impressive university. After Candidate receives an admission offer to UBC then the Candidates will be allowed shortly for scholarship. The university authority has already started building scholarship process for 2019.

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