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NU 2nd year Degree Pass and Form Fill up Notice 2019

nu 2nd year degree form fill up

According to the published notification, the form completion process will be run online from 15/04/2019 to 15/05/2019. The detailed deadline for completing the form is given below

From 15/04/2019 to 15/05/2019, the candidates will be able to complete the form online.
The last time to confirm the data of the student (from the college) from 22/04/2019 to 19/05/2019.
From 20/05/2019 to 22/05/2019, the college will be able to deposit money through golden services.
Pay Slip, fees statement, student statement and other papers will be submitted to concerned departments / self-regional centers by 23/05/2019.

Links to meet the online form: www.nubd.info/degree-pass

The documents that will be required to complete the form

Online Form Completed – 2 copies
Passport size photograph (attested by Principal) – 2 copies.
2 copies of photocopy of registration card.





About National University

Bangladesh National University, established in 1992, is an affiliate of Bangladesh. The university is established on 11.39 acres of the land market in Gazipur district. World’s second largest university More than 28 million students studied in affiliated colleges.



Dhaka, Chittagong and Rajshahi universities were under extra pressure to manage the internal curriculum while supervising the affiliated colleges. The National University was established on 21st October 1992 in order to reduce the pressure and improve the quality of the affiliated colleges.


Faculty and Departments

Faculty of Arts
Bengali section
English section
Arabic division
Sanskrit Division
History section
Department of Islamic Studies
Department of Islamic History and Culture
Department of Philosophy

Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Economics
Department of State Science
Department of Social Sciences
Social Work Department
Department of Anthropology
Department of domestic economics
Department of Library and Information Science
Faculty of Business Education BBA
Bachelor of Business Administration (Professional)
BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Professional)
BBA In Aviation Management (Professional)
Finance & Banking Division
Accounting department
Marketing department
Management Department

Faculty of Science
Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
Mathematical Division
Department of Statistics
Department of Zoology
Department of Botany
Department of Psychology
Department of Soil Science
Geography and Environment Department
Department of Computer Science
Department of Environmental Science

Faculty of Technology and Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Department of Engineering and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering
Aeronautical and Aviation Science

Faculty of Fashion Design
Apparel Manufacturing and Technology
Department of Fashion Design and Technology
Net Design and Technology Division

Faculty of Law
Law Group

Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Education

Faculty of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Faculty of Media Studies
Theater and Media Studies



Educational activities

At present, the National University has completed four (4) year graduation (honor) and one (1) year postgraduate course through full syllabus (2013-14). There are also three (3) year-long graduate (Pass) courses and four (4) year-long graduate (Honors) professional courses. Ph.D. in this university And M.Fill There are also arrangements.

University Vice-Chancellors
First Vice-Chancellor: Dr. MA Bari
Current Vice-Chancellor: Harun – ur – Rashid


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