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Dhaka University’s Prima Najia did she what on the road

The woman carrying flowers on her body is named after her prima nazia andalib. He is a vigilant artist. Master’s Degree from Dhaka University, part time teacher of North South University, Director of Bangladesh Brand Forum Association, President of Oman in Leadership.
Love artwork is being displayed in all major countries of the world.
Which includes France, America, UK, Japan, Turkey, Morocco, India, Thailand. Prima is widely respected and honored as a Bangladeshi artist in the art show, gallery of all major cities of the world.

He highlighted the different positions of society through painting. The strange thing is that the picture that was viral on Facebook for a few days but not recent. The picture is rather last year.
Through the film, he was calling for the chains of society.

Primer activities can be strange to us, but the reason for that strange is not the lack of wisdom but the lack of our knowledge.

We do not know anything about visual arts

Due to their ignorance, an internationally renowned artist gets into their own country!


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