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2019 HSC and Equivalent exam Routine has published

The HSC and equivalent exam schedule for the year 2019 has been published. HSC examinations of 8 general education boards, madrasa and technical education board will be held simultaneously from 01/04/2019 on wards to Monday 11-05-2019.

2019 HSC and Equivalent exam Routine has published

The HSC and equivalent exam schedule for the year 2019 is given below for your convenience:


HSC and equivalent exam schedule for the year 2019

This year – lakhs – thousand students will participate; Which is more than last time – Last year HSC and equivalent exams – Lakh thousand students took part.

Now – in thousands of centers – students of thousands of students will give their exams. This is now compared to last year’s educational institution and center.

Under the general board of HSC – lakhs – thousand, under the madrasa board, lakhs of people, HSC in technical education under the board, lakhs and thousands of people in DIBS – test the public.

Now, among the total candidates – lakhs – thousand students and – lakh – thousand students.

Outside Dhaka, at the center of the foreign university – students will be participating in the examination, in the meantime – students and students –
Instructions of the HSC equivalent test 2019: At the beginning of this year, many candidates will be examined in the MCQ and later on. During the 30-minute multidisciplinary test, 30 minutes and 70 number of creative exams are two and a half hours. There will be no breaks between MCQ and creative parts.

Examples of practical exams are 25 minutes for 25-minute exams and creative hours for two hours and 35 minutes.

Candidates can use simple calculators. However, no scientific calculator can be used. None other than the officer in charge of the examination center can use the mobile phone.

Persons with vision impairments, Cerebral palsy, disabled people and those with disabilities will be able to take part in examinations. There will be an additional time of 20 minutes for such candidates and hearing impaired students.

See Details Routine


Candidates with special needs (with Autistic and Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy) will have 30 minutes of additional time and examination opportunities for parents or teachers or helpers to participate in the examination.

28 units, including law and order forces, will work to stop questioning. And you can call emergency services ‘999’ to provide information about the questionnaire.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has banned the entry of the public without examining 200 yards of the examination center.

You  can  also  see SSC Routine from our site.

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