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Privacy Policy

Security and Protection of your Personal Data

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to notify users of the processing of personal data collected through newjobresult.com in observance with the Personal Data Protection Law. The Agency for the Quality of Education will accept the necessary security measures to guarantee the confidentiality of the data collected. The Education quality and the officials involved in any phase of the processing of personal data. These are bound by professional privacy regarding them and the duty to keep them obligations. That will subsist even after finalizing their relations with the institution.

The data delivered by the users of newjobresult.com will be managed Agency staff exclusively by avoiding improper uses alteration or delivery to third parties.  New Job Result collect a service contract, an outside entity manages the databases. The Quality Agency will promise a privacy agreement. The data personal security is a priority for our web site. This website strives to offer the highest level of security for advanced technology. We hold to the requirements of the National Law on Personal Data Protection and its harmonizing regulations.

It is important that you know it since this privacy notice is a restricted document. These are the terms govern the treatment during obtaining your data. Any alteration suffered by this document must be reported in the section recognized as change control.

Your privacy

New Job Result respects your privacy all the information that you give to us will be treated with huge care and with the greatest possible security. It will only be used in agreement with the limits established in this document. We collect only your personal data when you give them directly and with your express and informed consent.

How we use your information

New Job Result uses the information for job circular and education result and services. That might be of interest to personalize and improve our services for update information. We are always committed to presenting new solutions to recover the value of its products and services. The statistical and non-identifiable information may also be shared with business partners.

The address and position of the person indicating their name or the means by which their identity can be known. The signal by which the owner can cancel the consent for the processing of their data, detailing the process to be followed for this purpose. It is important that for the purpose of the current system of personal data, there is no manager.

You can cancel at any time the consent that, if applicable. You have granted for your personal data processing without retroactive effects being attributed to the revocation.  It is important to think that not in all cases it will be possible to attend or end this request directly. It is essential to continue treating your personal data due to some authorized or administrative responsibility.

The mechanisms and means will be accessible for use prior to the processing of personal data. So that the owner can state his refusal for the purpose and transfer that, require the consent of the owner. There are no mechanisms for the holder to articulate his refusal for the purpose and transfer, without prejudice. The owner can exercise their right to oppose personal data in the terms provided law on the subject.

The personal data provided internally will be used for purposes of audit, internal control, civil, and ultimately in response to administrative, criminal and labor lawsuits. Lastly, your information must be kept for historical purposes. The personal data delivery is mandatory. If the owner refused to grant them, you cannot process your request. It is important to have the essential information to procedure your request or to communicate with the owner.

Terms and Conditions

The Use of Terms and Conditions purpose is to control the use completed by users who enter the site. The single entry by a user implies complete acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

The object of the Website

It is oriented to deal out information about the local job, government job and journalistic material related to educational, social, economic and international political activity. The Website aims to offer users different services advertised by https://newjobresult.com.

Uses of the Website

The use of the Website is the only liability of the user, who must use the same in any case according to the functionalities allowed on the site. The authorized uses in these Terms and Conditions of Use So the user are grateful to use them. So they do not break the rules and customs. Users do not have the right to place hyperlinks and from the Website. Users will not have the right to prevent any other user from using the Website. You do not have the right to place or use the contents in own or third party pages or sites without prior written authorization from our site.


https://newjobresult.com intends to offer update job news and educational information. All the services provided by this site to be able to use. It will be essential to have cookies permit. These parts will supply to recognize a specific person. Its application will be only technical to present the best service to users. The cookies are not ideal for commercial studies or give information about the browsing user’s behavior. The user may disable the cookies use throughout of his browser options. This web site cannot assurance in this case the accurate performance of all the services accessible on the Website.

New Job Result is committed to caring for the personal data of the user in a confidential way. It is adopting the essential technical and organizational security measures to guarantee the security to avoid user alteration, or access. Authorize ensures, as far as possible in agreement with the current state of technology. The privacy and honesty of the data and information that users give to obey the purposes indicated above. If they have not been requested previously or specifically authorized by the recipients of the same this informative communications site will not send promotional communications through e-mail, or any other electronic communication.